Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Many trends linger from brand to brand. But how do we really know who started it or whose idea it was? Most of these trends did not actually come from designer brands which we see almost everywhere we go. They are trends that either came back from an earlier decade, or they are the type of clothes that people in other countries wear. So next time you see a beaded tunic or maxi dress, etc. that you would insistantly think was a total copy of your favorite designer, think again. Yes, maybe it is a sort of copy of your favorite designer, but, your favorite designer copied the beading off of an African dress that he/she saw when they visited Africa.
The real question is, which designer's version is the best? (This is an opinion NOT a fact)-I love this trend. I think it is one of those things you can make a statement in without having big bold colors or prints. I think the best example of this is the T-Bags dress. You'd think a black in white dress would be extremely plain or basic. Not this one! the black trim really makes the ruffles stand out. I also like the other dresses but definately not as much as the T-bags one.
I don't know if this one can be considered a trend, but it can be. When you hear the word "tee" you think of a big shirt you wear to bed. Not anymore! These tee's are definately not for sleeping in. My favorite one here is the Tory Burch. It is a 400th Annivarsary tee for New york. It looks a bit orange but it is red, and supposed to be an apple. I think it's really clever, the logo inside the apple. Then I also like the color combo on the Marc Jacobs one. The Stella McCartney one, well I like the print but it's too baggy. It should be fitted.
You don't always notice geometric prints. You may notice them as a print, but a lot of basic prints are geometric. For example polka dots, strips, etc. The geometrics aren't basic and boring. They are complicating and sometimes even mind tricks. My favorite here is the Marc Jacobs. I love both the shillouhette and the pattern. It is also one of the prints that can be interpreted many ways. One person may think it looks like confetti and another person may think it looks like an ocean with melting chunks of ice. Then again, I like both of the others. I like the print on the Tory Burch one. But not so much the basic shape of the shirt. Then, I love the basic shape of the Michael Kors one, but I am not in love with the pattern.

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