Monday, June 29, 2009

Top 10 Teen Brands

Some of these may seem correct, but others, at least to me seam like they are not. I did some research, and came up with one final list. they all also have a little bit about the brand-

1.Abercrombie/Abercrombie&Fitch - Branded T's, Signature Distressed Jeans

2.American Apparel - Simplicity, Solids

3. Hollister - Similar to Abercrombie, More surfer

4. AE/Aerie - Basics, Branded/unbranded, Great selection of sweatpants and loungewear

5. Delia's - Indie, Graphic T's, Skinny Jeans, Enviromentally aware

6. Pacsun - Many Different Brands- Roxy, Hurley, etc., Skater/Surfer

7. Urban Outfitters - Indie, More sophisticated, Also has room furnishings

8. PINK - Offshoot of Victoria's Secret, Collegate Logo's, Brighter Colors, Loungewear,

9. Forever 21 - Cheap, Made pretty well, Lots of different things, Colorful

10. Aeropostale - Somewhat like Abercrombie, Branded T's, Jean shorts, sundresses

Hope this actually was pretty accuarate. Comments?


  1. good list. i like that american apparel is on there.

  2. I really like American Apparel, great basics but definately not plain