Monday, August 3, 2009

Parisians: Great Taste or No Taste?

After being in Europe for a week, Paris for three days, I realize Parisians really don't have a great sense of style. The occasional great-taste and well-dressed Parisian is accepted. But overall, it was pretty horrendous. No offense to anyone who does not agree with me or is just offended. This was meant to share my opinion and I apologize if this offends you. On the other hand, Parisians do have great bags, I have to admit, I saw some really cute bags. (two of which are hanging on my desk chair right now, haha)

Comments, questions....?

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  1. I think it's like that anywhere you go. It's like saying all new yorkers are super trendy. A lot of them aren't, and it really depends on where in the city you are. I noticed the same thing when I went to Milan last I thought they would all be super trendy